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Why choosing the right wedding Dj is important!

Why choosing the right wedding Dj is important!

February 24th, 2016 by

When i started Djing i told myself i never wanted to be a wedding Dj. I looked at weddings as something Dj’s did once they couldn’t find club or bar gigs anymore but boy was i was very wrong. My first few weddings i was so extremely nervous because i learned so quickly that if i didn’t get everything just right.. well then it was all eyes on the DJ. Sweating bullets and getting the shakes were both very common and still happen once in a while for that matter. however after awhile i realized that as long as i came in prepared for the night and used my skills to make sure i kept the guests entertained it would be smooth sailing.

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years when it comes to Djing wedding its that i am the most important part of that night! Sure good food is important and the next day you hope the photographer was able to catch some great pictures of the action but, the night of the party if the DJ isn’t on top of things the whole event could go down in flames.

This is exactly why i do everything in my power to be organized and on top of every aspect of the night. This starts weeks prior with the wedding reception information sheet i send out to all my customers. This is a very detailed “fill in the blank” form that gives me every piece of information i will need to make sure the night goes as smooth as possible. This form also keeps the DJ out of the bride and grooms hair so they can simply enjoy their special day.

I’ve heard so many horror stories over the years from people that have attended other wedding where the Dj just didn’t have his affairs in order. EVERYTHING is important and timing is crucial to making everything flow seamlessly for beginning to end. This means the Dj needs to collaborate with the catering service, the bar staff, the photographer, the videographer, and the wedding party to make sure he knows exactly whats going on.

Most people probably don’t realize how much the DJ actually does behind the scenes of a wedding reception or ceremony for that matter. The DJ is essentially the choreographer of the entire night (unless you hired one) and he must make sure everyone is ready when the wedding party arrives, dinner is served, the first dance happens, the other dances happen, and of course the guarder and bouquet toss.

I take great pride in the experience I’ve gained over the years and the ability to be such a special part of two peoples special day. That day is one day of your your life that you will never forget, and i want to be able to make sure that i make it the best memory i possibly can.

So lesson of the day is DONT SKIMP ON THE ENTERTAINMENT!

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